Terragon advises firms on cloud, analytics

AFRICA’s enterprise marketing technology firm, Terragon Group, has advised firms on the continent to leverage data analytics and cloud marketing currently revolutionising modern-day businesses to boost sales.

The  Group,  which currently holds access to over 50 data points and 10x superior audience insights across the continent, works with leading African telcos, financial institutions and consumer brands to unlock personalised digital experiences for mobile users in Africa. It also helps to improve bottom-line for businesses by leveraging its cloud marketing technology, algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI) and difficult-to-source African consumer data.

Its CEO,  Elo Umeh, said: “It is extremely important for companies to be data-centric, as the understanding and utilisation of consumer insights in business will help drive sales performance.”  Companies are also faced with the problem of collecting valuable data and being unable to fully apply or gain insights from it.

To overcome this, Terragon Group said it has developed a proprietary mobile advertising technology known as Adrenaline that utilises consumer data and delivers targeted messaging via web and non-web channels.

“At Terragon, data has proven its worth and earned its place, as we have been able to gain real business value from all the records collected.

“Executives need to adopt a new system of decision making based on big data.” he said.

Terragon Group has also successfully completed certification to the ISO 27001:2013 standard, serving global enterprises across all sectors who have benefitted from unparalleled security and protection of their data.

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  1. good news, hope to hear more positive updates from the group again.

  2. This is a good information from the Terragon Group for developing a property called Adrenalin to solve problem of collecting valuable data.

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