Things To Consider Before Choosing A Flatmate

living with a flatmate

Rent can be really pricey for a young woman just trying to start out life on her own. So the next best thing is to find a flatmate.

Flatmates are great for cutting down the cost of rent and living expenses, but they can really get on your nerves at the same time. If you’re interested in maintaining your sanity, you should agree on these rules and get them out of the way before agreeing to rent a place together:

Bill payment

The very idea of living with a flatmate is so you both can save money on expenses, so that part of the bargain has to be held up. Before agreeing to rent a flat together, you both should agree on a system of paying the annual rent and the monthly utility bills to avoid confrontations later on.

Distribution of chores

You see, living with a flatmate thing is almost like living with a spouse, so what are the rules? Decide on who does what chores. Decide in advance if you want to cook together or separately. It’s the small things like this that cause serious issues later on. Get these decisions out of the way to avoid wahala later on.

having a flatmate

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Visits from guests and significant others

Talk with your potential flatmate and you both should agree on how you will receive guests. How long are visitors allowed to stay? What can they or can’t they do? How much boyfriend action is allowed in the public areas of your flat? These are all conversations you should have to avoid driving each other crazy.

living with a flatmate

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Personal space

Living with a flatmate is not an excuse for your personal space to be invaded. So decide beforehand what your idea of personal space is and set down boundaries that work for both of you.

Like we said earlier, living with a flatmate is like a marriage, and like every marriage, the most important thing is communication.

Here are all the things you should know before getting your first apartment.

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  2. very nice tip rant income.. you too much

  3. Would have considered this had I known, my flatmate then was a disaster

  4. Some flatmates can be desperate and make life miserable for someone. Is good to consider all these tips

  5. Flatmate is good but when there is no love… Every one
    has prefer to stay alone…

  6. Agreement should be made before coming together as flatmate because sometimes flatmate can be so annoying

  7. Flatmate is good but when there is no love… Every one has prefer to stay alone…

  8. Flatmate is important incase of emergency, but I rather stay alone than having one.

  9. Choosing a flatmate is really just difficult in this country with the way people switch attitudes in the country, the economy can just piss your mate off and tf starts an argument with you

  10. I don’t have a problem with this

  11. This is for students that leave in hostel

  12. It will be cool to have a female flatmate

  13. Even with all of this is better staying alone

  14. So on point, I quite agree with the poster

  15. thats a good one, a flat mate a times is more disastrous than it seems

  16. This article is very helpful as itwil help a lot of young guys and ladies on how to choose their best flatmates. It’s really helpful.

  17. To be alone is preferable for me than choosing a flatmate

  18. I love this post, most people ignore this and end not been happy because of things their flatmate is doing

  19. This is very key. So I accommodated a boy few years back. This boy doesn’t do any house chores, you will have shout at him before he does some of the little things he was expected to do but nah, he became adamant and as the owner of my house I had to let him go, no time for wahala in my life. This article is very timely, thanks for sharing

  20. One must be reallycareful when choosing this bcause if care isnt taken it would end up in regrets

  21. Some flatmates are very wicked. One just needs to select someone who, they will understand each other

    1. yes,understanding is very important,if t they dont understand each other,they will be fighting everyday

  22. Flatmate is good but some time is a problem

  23. Sylvester Micheal Efeokhai

    Very good

  24. I prefer to be alone than getting a flat mate

  25. very nice tip rant income.. you too much

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