Tonto Dikeh gushes over feeling of f-king with a real man

Tonto Dikeh gushes over feeling of f-king with a real man – Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh seems to have gotten herself a real man and she can’t stop gushing about it on Instagram.

The single mom of one, who divorced her husband in 2017, shared a post which suggests she now has a real man in her life and it reads;

I promise you sis…It’s a whole different feeling when you f-k with a real man..She added the love emoji to her post and wrote ‘‘Excuse my french”

Tonto Dikeh gushes over feeling of f-king with a real man lailasnews 1


Tonto celebrated the final dissolution of her marriage in 2017 with an Instagram post which simply read, “The joy was indescribable.”  Mr. Churchill shared a video of an intimate family event on Instagram, and in the clip, Mr. Dare his uncle could be seen celebrating the final dissolution of his nephew’s marriage to the star actress.

Apparently, the video was meant to refute claims made by Tonto wherein she stated via a leaked text that she paid her bride price herself.

Tonto and Churchill met three and half years ago at Escape Nightclub in Lagos, during the birthday party of the latter’s brother. Tonto got pregnant six months after they met, and they staged a glamorous traditional marriage on August 29, 2015 at Tonto’s hometown Rumukani in Rumukwuta, Rivers State.

Tonto Dikeh gushes over feeling of f-king with a real man lailasnews

Speaking in an interview at the time, Tonto opened up on the reason why she didn’t wed in church

She said, “There was no white wedding because I was pregnant, I was also pregnant when I did my traditional wedding which was a big secret. My families were really excited and happy for me because that’s all they have ever wanted. One fear was me being an actress and the question was if I was ever going to get married.”

In February 2017, the Nollywood star confirmed there were cracks in the marriage. She revealed she had moved out of the house with her son. While it is Tonto’s first marriage, it is Churchill’s second attempt. He was previously married to a certain Bimbo Coker.

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  1. is f**k that determine ur relationship ?

  2. have fun girl u deserve it with lots of love

  3. i dnt kwn wat is wrong wit our celebrity(girls) .

  4. I was also scared she was never going to be married

  5. we wish her good luck in her real man

  6. love is sweet when its new, soon you will start hearing stories that touches the heart.

  7. OK oh congratulations to her. I hope this her new relationship would stand the test of time.

  8. I don’t know why it so difficult for artiste having a happy home

  9. I was expecting the picture she took with the real man.

  10. Celebrity marriages have been seen as a union of better-for-better and worse-I-go

  11. The problems with celebrities marriage is that most of the females always refuse to kow tow to the marriage

  12. That’s good if she has really found love again

  13. All these actresses need serious help, they are turning up like the American actors

  14. Hmm… Celebrities and their stories.

  15. Thank God you now found a real man not coming back to tell us he is a scrab again

  16. I love Tonto but I feel she lie sometimes

  17. And after few years they will break up again

  18. I pray this would be the right time for her and transformational year for her relationship. Be blessed with the newly founded man.

  19. These celebrities needs counsel and prayer.

      1. Very funny I think all the need is self control

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