Top 5 Nigerian millionaire bloggers

Top 5 Nigerian millionaire bloggers – Blogging has become a steady means of cashing out and many Nigerians have taken advantage of it. But only a few have been able to make a huge mark. This week, Weekend Magazine takes a look at those who have been able to stay on top.

Ademola Ogundele

Ademola Ogundele is the brain behind the popular blog and provides audiences a streamed breakdown of what’s happening in the music industry, helping stay abreast with latest trends and events in the Nigerian music industry.

Japheth Omojuwa

Due to his controversial opinions all over his social media platforms, he is mostly known as an activist and political commentator. Apart from that, Omojuwa also runs his own blog, His, has been established as a highly respectable blog in all aspects of news which have opened numerous doors for him as well.

Noble Igwe is also another blog that has made its mark in Nigeria. Where it comes to showbiz and lifestyle, 360nobs takes the torch. Noble Igwe has worked towards making the blog a standout in Nigeria and has successfully done so. He also launched the website and 360PR, a public relations company growing the 360 group some more.

Uche Eze

BellaNaija was launched back in 2006 by its founder, Uche Eze. What started out as a hobby for her grew to become one of the biggest blogs in Nigeria. Since then, she has been featured on CNN, the Oprah Winfrey show and many other reputable platforms worldwide. Despite being around for over 10 years, its relevance has remained strong.

Linda Ikeji

Linda is arguably one the biggest names in Nigeria when it comes to blogging. When she started out in 2010, her expectations for her blog were nowhere near what it has become today. Racking in millions from website traffic and advertisements, she made her platform the number one destination for hot gossip and stories.

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  1. It is not easy making money from blogging. It takes persistence, patience and determination

  2. I congratulate the bloggers for a job well done

  3. This blogging of a thing is a good

  4. Those are great names making fortune out of the cyber space. Dreaming to be one someday.

  5. congratulation to them…one day one day am going to be a millionaire also

  6. this is great i wish to be among them that is my prayer

  7. I’m Going To Be On That List One Day By Gods Grace.

  8. Congratulations to them. they are really blesed

  9. Linda have always been the top among others

  10. They have to trained me so that I can join

  11. Really nice and challenging tip to Nigerians

  12. Congratulations to you guys, I’m gonna be one of you ijn

  13. Cool this guys are all hardworking and determined..

  14. they all get 2 the top with the power of focus and persitence…

  15. That is nice, i know Linda most be among

  16. watch out for my own domain name coming soon.

  17. If they can do it…. Of course by the power of God i can do it better

  18. It shows one can engage in legit business and make it

  19. It’s nice hearing this, it is encouraging

  20. I will like to be like or more than them

  21. Good. But I only know that of Linda Ikeji though I don’t really visit it.

  22. More grease to their elbows. Congratulations

  23. Congratulations to all of them in the list. More power to their elbow.

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