Update on news posting by Rant Money members – Now ₦200 per news

Hello Ranters,

We are happy to announce that news posting by all Ranters has been increased to ₦200 per news in order to encourage members to put more effort to posting original news.

The aim of this website is to be the most reliable news and information portal for Nigerians to Rant online, as a result we are putting more effort to getting exclusive news from our members who will now be serving as citizen journalists. The concept of citizen journalism is based upon public citizens “playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing, and disseminating news and information.

Ranters will be allowed to report events happening around them on daily basis. In our society today many things happen but only a fraction of them is being reported, so we are eager to use this platform to bridge the gap and become a hub for original information.

Kindly note the following when reporting:

1.You could either be an eyewitness or your source is someone who witnessed the event

2. You must include real pictures of the event except in the case of a story without physical confrontation

3. You can report news coming out from your school, church, compound, etc

4. Your reporting must follow core journalism principle like who, when, where, what, why and how

5. Opinion articles is allowed

6. Copy and paste news will not be approved

        7. Fake news will not be tolerated and culprits will be banned from Rant Money

8. There will be award for best reporter by December

Follow this simple rule and join in the fight to make our society a better place because the more we report, the more the society is enlightened.

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Rant Money Comment Policy

Your comments MUST BE constructive with vivid and clear suggestion relating to the post.

Your comments MUST NOT be less than 5 words.

Do NOT in any way copy/duplicate or transmit another members comment and paste to earn. Members who indulge themselves copying and duplicating comments, their earnings would be wiped out totally as a warning and Account deactivated if the user continue the act again.

Rant Money does not pay for exclamatory comments Such as hahaha, nice one, wow, congrats, lmao, lol, etc are strictly forbidden and disallowed. Kindly adhere to this rule.

Constructive REPLY to comments is allowed


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  1. datz is good 2 hear nd i belife wit rant de future is brighter dan the past if only de keep 2 thier wordS.

  2. It is a great one.but it is hard.

  3. Am happy for this info my goodies please

  4. This will encourage ranters to post news on this platform


  6. Thanks RantMoney, It has reflected on my earnings. I would get a better phone with a vintage camera lens for eye witness reportage.

  7. this is great news. rant, you’re the best

  8. This is an encouraging information, it will enable one to be eager to post current and relevant news. Thanks to Ranters money

  9. It’s really good update but requires a lot task.

  10. Rant money members are journalist now. That’s wonderful.

  11. That is good but my problem is no matter how good your news is you are not approving

  12. This is a very good update more money

  13. A very encouraging news. Thanks

  14. This is another opportunity for we ranters.

  15. This is really encouraging to boost the moral of the posters.

  16. This what we called atomatics upgrade

  17. good one please i want i whataap number for the rant pls

  18. A great encouragement for writters. Congrats to whom it may concern

  19. great idea this will spur us all to work better

  20. Wonderful, opportunity to make more money

  21. a great idea to boost us more up ranters

  22. Thanks a million the Rant team for ingenious concepts of making money.

  23. This is indeed a great way of getting the extra for extra expenses.. Thanks ranthq.com.ng

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