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[UPDATED] Melaye Moved To DSS Medical Facility, Police Confirm

BREAKING: Melaye Moved To DSS Medical Facility, Police Confirm
A file photo of Senator Dino Melaye at the Police Clinic in Abuja on January 4, 2019.


The police say the lawmaker representing Kogi West district, Senator Dino Melaye, has been moved to the medical facility of the Department of State Services (DSS) in Abuja.

Force Public Relations Officer, Mr Jimoh Moshood, confirmed this to Channels Television in a telephone interview on Friday.

He explained that the lawmaker was indeed taken away from the Police Clinic to another government-owned medical facility after the senator and the police disagreed about his fitness to face trial.

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Moshood revealed further that the police have obtained a warrant of arrest to detain the lawmaker.

According to him, the police secured the warrant from a Federal Capital Territory (FCT) High Court to keep Senator Melaye for 14 days, which started from Wednesday, January 9.

In their reaction, members of Senator Melaye’s family decried the treatment of the lawmaker after he was moved from the Police Clinic where he has been receiving treatment since last week.

They said they have not been told why he was taken to the medical facility of the DSS because he does not have a case with the security agency.

A source close to Senator Melaye also told Channels Television that the lawmaker has refused to be admitted at the Dss medical facility.

Melaye Moved To DSS Medical Facility, Police Confirm
Senator Dino Melaye at the office of the DSS in Abuja on January 11, 2019.


A Dramatic Surrender

The senator emerged from his residence in Abuja on Friday last week and surrendered after eight days of police siege.

Senator Melaye, who was later arrested, had slumped when he opened the door of his house to the security operatives in the presence of some of his colleagues in the Senate and family members.

He was initially taken to the office of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (F-SARS) before being transferred to the Police Clinic for medical attention.

Having spent three days at the medical facility, the police said the lawmaker was fit to stand trial for the alleged crimes which he was arrested.

But Senator Melaye has since insisted that he needed more treatment to be fit.

This prompted the police to move the lawmaker from their clinic to the DSS medical centre for further examination.

The lawmaker was declared wanted by the police for alleged criminal conspiracy and attempted culpable homicide which he reportedly committed in Kogi State on July 19, 2018.

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  1. They should oh before anything bad happens.

  2. DSS I love these people …

  3. This is a lesson for being into crime, crime does not pay.

  4. What a political drama for a Law Maker!

  5. he is just pretending the Dss should take next step

    1. Why do you think he is pretending? You think he will be pretending when election is next month?

  6. Why is malaye and the police having problems

  7. Hope He Has A Very Speedy Recovery.

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  12. I thought they said he was pretending

  13. Free Dino, we stand with Dino

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  15. if he is fit he should face his trial

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  18. I begins to see this man illness as excuse, so that him can plan well for his defence.

  19. Wish him quick recovery

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