UPDATED: Two Killed, Six Injured As Fuel Tanker Bursts Into Flames In Anambra


Two persons have been killed while six others were left severely injured after a fully loaded fuel tanker skidded off track and fell at Amawbia Junction, near the Governor’s lodge in Anambra State.

Witnesses say the tanker burst into flames almost immediately after it fell.

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Sector Commander in the state,  Mr Andrew Kumapayi, confirmed the incident.

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He disclosed that the driver of the ill-fated tanker hit the body of the truck against the rail of some decorative pillars at the Amawbia roundabout, while negotiating a bend.

Kumapayi said few minutes afterwards, the vehicle went up in flames.

He noted that the victims have all been rushed to the state teaching hospital.

He also confirmed that several cars were completely burnt and houses near the scene were gutted by fire.

The security post of the Governor’s lodge was also affected.

Several fire fighting trucks and fire men were still battling the fire at the time of filing this report.

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  1. Thank you for keeping us update about the fuel tanker burst into flames in Anambra

  2. God will have mercy on His people.

  3. This shouldn’t continue in this country

  4. This fuel tanks bursting here are there is too much, one bursted in Lagos some months back, they shouldn’t be using weak tanks to transport fuel

  5. the Nigeria government should handle the issue of tanker fuel explosion very well beacuse it always take life, last time it was at Lagos state

  6. sad to hear,we wish the injured people quick recovery and the souls of the departed one rest in peace

  7. I condole with the families of the deceased

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