Wedding Guest Book Ideas You Should Try For Your Reception

wedding guest book ideas

Wedding guest books are becoming more popular as people explore ways to make their weddings more interesting. It’s basically a book (or something to write on) where your guests can put in funny anecdotes, sign their names, write words of encouragement and good wishes for the couple. These wedding guest book ideas will be so much fun for your guests and for you too when you get to read what they have written.

There’s more than one way to have a great wedding guest book:

Message in a bottle

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M E S S A G E ║I N ║A ║B O T T L E A fun alternative to the traditional wedding guestbook. Guests leave a message for the newly weds to read on their first anniversary💌 It’s super exciting knowing you have these special messages to look forward to on your first anniversary! These bespoke memory jars can be personalized with names, dates etc. #bohemianwedding #bohemianweddingdecor #handmadewedding #handmadeuk #imadethese #instawedding #weddingdecor #weddinginspiration #festivalwedding #festivalweddingdecor #handmadewedding #weddingdecorations #rusticweddingdecor #rusticwedding #countrywedding #outdoorwedding #bohobride #weddingsigns #weddingsignage #handwritten #handdrawn #handpaintedsigns #weddingstationery #weddingguestbookideas #weddingguestbook #alternativewedding #weddingguestactivity #newlyweds #firstanniversary #weddingmemories

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This is such a fun idea for the couple that likes surprises. Your guests get to write you messages and the bottle is sealed and read on your one year anniversary! If you can’t wait, you can read after your honeymoon, which is just as much fun.

Bucket list

Your guests can write something that they think you two should try, and you can choose from there whenever you need a new adventure.

Name board

This is like signing a yearbook at your wedding, and it’s so cool you can keep it on a wall in your house. Seeing the names of everyone who attended your wedding on a wall is sure to warm your heart for years to come.

Love notes

Your guests can write their names, where they came from to attend the wedding, advice or just funny anecdotes on these notes. These notes are cute and quirky, and the couple are sure to find some gems among them.

Signed Jenga blocks

How cute is this idea? The couple can always break out this Jenga game at parties or on game night and the memories will still be fresh.


This idea comes with pictures, which is worth more than a thousand words. Guests take a polaroid image and sign it with something they want to say to the couple, then stick it in the book.

There are other ways to make your wedding fun, like these delicious wedding cake alternatives that will thrill your guests. Try them and let us know how it goes.

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