Yuletide: Ecobank suspends charges on Rapidtransfer app

In the spirit of the season, Ecobank Nigeria has called on Nigerians in diaspora to embrace the benefits of Ecobank’s Rapidtransfer app when sending money to their loved ones this festive season.
The service is open to Ecobank and non-Ecobank customers, the commercial bank said.
Managing Director, Ecobank Nigeria, Patrick Akinwuntan who made the call said the bank’s  Rapidtransfer app charges zero fees for all transfers done through the Rapidtransfer app up until  31st January, 2019.
He explained that the Rapidtransfer removes all the bottlenecks, burden and inefficiencies usually associated with remittances. The app according to him provides simple and secure digital onboarding where users can choose how and when funds are delivered to the intended beneficiary, with transparent foreign exchange rates prior to each transaction.
“I wish to encourage our brothers and sisters living abroad who wish to send money to their relatives this season to do so through our Rapidtransfer app. This is a game changer in the way Nigerians can send money to their loved ones. They do not have to physically visit an agent. Rapidtransfer removes all of these issues and its standout affordability as we do not charge any fee for now. I wish to encourage them to sign up on this app and enjoy our seamless and cheap remittance service,” he said.
The Rapidtransfer app which can be downloaded from play store and app store is regarded as a game changer for remittances to Africa.
Through the app users are able to Send money instantly to and across 33 African countries. For Nigerians in diaspora the app will enable them easily and instantly send money to any bank account in Nigeria; receivers also have the option of picking up cash at any Ecobank branch. The exchange rates are very attractive.
The features of the app include easy navigation and multi-lingual capabilities. It is available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese languages. Users can choose how and when funds are delivered to the intended beneficiary, with transparent foreign exchange rates prior to each transaction.


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  1. That’s a big relief. Thanks to eco bank

  2. nice Christmas gift by Eco bank. other banks should emulate this

  3. The biggest shock in the banking sector i heard just recently was the acquisition of diamond bank by access bank

  4. Congrats To Them On A Job Well Done.

  5. Good information new development from ecobank ride on

  6. Good one from ecobank,wish the app can be made free permanently though

  7. This is the season of given, Ecobank thumbs up for this gesture

  8. Ecobank did well, this is a great relief

  9. Nice one from Ecobank. Most of these charges are just outrageous, GTBank should try to make ammends too

  10. I like this. I heard the advert on radio

  11. ECOBANK weldone. With the approach life shall be easy more business done vo ursher in development.

  12. thanks Eco this is really a Christmas gift

  13. I hope other bank can emulate them, good one by ecobank.

  14. This is a okay. i like the way i am informed

  15. Yeah!
    In the spirit of Christmas!!
    Nice one Ecobank!!!

  16. this is good from ecobank
    nice one from them

  17. Ecobank really tried, let them keep on upgrading

  18. Good one because we are tired of these cut throats charges

  19. Christmas is definitely in the in Ecobank…nice one!

  20. This eco bank is gradually improving day by day

  21. Nice thing that Eco Bank is doing. Hope other banks will emulate.

  22. That is a good news for the banks clients

  23. This is really nice it’s just unfortunate that am not an Ecobank account holder

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